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j.l. feinstein

Apocalypse Haiku

by posted in verse on permalink

A great wall
stone piled upon stone
waiting to fall

A dandelion
growing in a bone dry pavement
stronger than mortar

A white flood rushes
rapidly through the streets, unstoppable
a highway to the future

A broken window
in a street of broken windows
it must end somewhere

Dust motes dancing
sparkling in a ray of light, they are
the only moving thing

The air shimmers
quick with purple and many other colors
the butterflies are back

A deep ditch, full
of skin and bones and skin and bones
the air is stagnant

Endless shallow graves
among the honeybees and flowers
there is no more pain here

neat rows of bones
slowly returning to dust
wood, steel, concrete

In springtime,
delicate vines and flowers
overwhelm the rubble

Interstellar darkness
reflected in a billion sunken eyes
people are hungry

Many sweating bodies
strong brown arms, building and sowing
no whips anywhere