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j.l. feinstein


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Oy God, what is this world?
What is this world you made for us?
We toil every day that you gave us and for what?

Oy God!

To watch our fathers hold their pain in anger,
To watch our mothers lose their minds to care,
To watch our lonely children cry from hunger and from want,
And all of this for you in silence bear…

And all the while, this sun that you created
he rises and he sets over this earth,
to rise again on a new day and see us still as weighed
with Your world’s futile cares and futile mirth.

Your wayward, headstrong children that you made us
To us you are a jealous, vengful God;
We prayed for mercy for so long, our praises were in vain,
You do not spoil us, you don’t spare the rod.

Please stop the sun a little for your Yidn!
We always take you with us everywhere we go;
but it’s so hard when, by Your Name, the world just stays the same…
Do what you did for Joshua again!

God won’t you stop the sun a little for your Yidn,
just like you did for us three thousand years ago.
Then maybe for a day or two we’ll have some peace from You;
and then go back to suffering anew…

Oy Adonoi,
Who made us creatures in Their image
Do you weep like our mothers when we cry?